Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to Normal

Last week was one of the longest weeks of my life. Work was insane, for a few days I was gone from 6 am to 10-11 pm, hardly saw the kids (I felt so guilty!). Then when that was over our basement floor was flooded on Friday. And on Sunday we had planned a mother-daughter garden party at our house, which included two full meals (a brunch at noon and a barbecue later in the afternoon).. The party was great, but I was so busy that didn't even take any pictures.

After all this I was beat!

But this week things are back to normal. My work schedule is manageable and I get to see the girls in the morning as well as after work.

Here is today's outfit: Marimakko top, Calvin Klein pants, Kate Spade bag, Bottega Veneta shoes, Toy Watch, and ancient H&M necklace.

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