Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boss Style

Finally, even the Wall Street Journal agrees: The old power suit is no more, and business dressing can be feminine, fun and more sophisticated. However, these types of outfits require a level of style and creativity which can sometimes be overwhelming, if you're used to a "uniform". Since I love fashion and playing dress up I am not complaining, but happy to have more options and more fun dressing for work. I have witnessed this change in the office within the past few years. When I started in a professional capacity, all I wore was suits, mostly pant suits in dark colors. In the last few years, I've worn them less and less. When Michele Obama became the first lady, her style really inspired the way American women dress, especially in business. If separates and colors were good enough for the White House, they were good enough for finance and law offices too.. I can't even remember when I last wore a pantsuit.  And all I can say is Hallelujah! Let the personal style and taste shine through, in all aspects or our lives!

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