Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is Success?

Coco Chanel has said: Success is achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.

But she did not seem to have the most happiest of lives.. Maybe this quote (by an unknown) is better, after all:

Happiness is the highest form of success.

I have been thinking a lot about success lately. Mostly because I am going through a small age crisis (I am turning big four o this year). I was very depressed, thinking that I have not achieved enough success, that somehow I should have worked harder or smarter, to advance my career into something better and bigger. I should have lost the baby weight and be the perfect clothes horse that I used to be. And then my husband said something that really resonated with me.. That it all depends how you measure success. How true that is. I had been measuring success only in monetary and career development terms and forgot about the amazing success that I've had elsewhere in my life. For me, success is that I have been able to maintain a career, and still have a stable and happy marriage, three healthy, happy, smart and beautiful daughters, a comfortable home and a few dear close friends. When I realized that, I immediately stopped whining and started counting my blessings. I guess it is human nature to always want more. But it can make a person really unhappy. We should find a space where we can be grateful and happy about what we have, and still work for want we want from the future...

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