Sunday, March 25, 2012

Green Thumb

Gardening is a hobby that I never thought I was going to pick up.  All those childhood summers when I was being forced to help out on our "summer farm", i.e. the summer cottage garden where my parents were growing all kinds of vegetables, berries, herbs, fruit, and flowers, left a mark that went pretty deep. When we moved to Long Island I was really happy that everyone has a gardener, and there was no need to lift a finger to keep the yard looking decent. But I don't know what has happened in these couple of years that we've lived here (closer to nature, and close to some magnificent gardens like the Westbury Manor Garden). Now I catch myself dreaming of different plants, walking the yard and thinking about how a rose bush would be pretty there, or a gladiolus here... I have dreams about an English Cottage Garden of a lush herb and flower filled place with a tranquil seating area, with rambling roses and beautiful sweet scents. I have dabbled here and there, planting tulips, and some rose bushes, and it is so much fun to see how these plants come alive now when spring is here. Gardening is really enjoyable when it is not a must, but a choice.

These pictures are from Westbury Garden, taken last summer:

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