Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inspiration - Nassau County Art Museum

The Nassau County Art Museum is a just a few minutes from our house, but for some reason we didn't visit until about a week ago, and then only because we wanted to take our lovely visitor there. We were so happily surprised, and this too, is now a new favorite place. How lucky we are to have this place so close! The museum is great - the house used to belong to the Frick family (from the US Steel fortune) and was one of the "Gold Coast" estates. The house used to have 140 manicured acres, with gardens, polo ground, swimming pool, golf course..the history of the house alone is fascinating.

The current exhibition was of Louis Comfort Tiffany, who is of course best known for the Tiffany Glass. There was some Tiffany Glass in the show, but it was mostly his paintings, which have never been shown before, as they belong to a collector and have never been in a museum before. He was a wonderful artist and we really enjoyed the turn of the century paintings, many of which were of Tiffany's travels to the middle east.

By a happy accident we arrived at the Museum just when a family tour was beginning. We learned much more about Tiffany listening to the docent. My girls enjoyed the tour too, and got to do some arts and crafts, creating "Tiffany glass" style art afterwards.  

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There were also some interesting lego sculptures by Sawaya. 

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