Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High Fashion

John Galliano's anti-semitic tirade has really shaken up the fashion world. There has been lots of interesting discussion going on, this op-ed piece in New York Times discusses fashion and fascism. A point of view that not everyone may agree with, but worthwile to share:


  1. I work in fashion. Last week I visited one of the finest lace producers in France and saw how they made an order for Chanel, a big part of the work was extremely skilful and hard hand work. The general wage was 1000 EUR.

    Just couldn't help my self from saying; "Karl Lagerfelt is laughing at these little people and their little dreams of walth or even slightly better salary while he is taking all the credit and collecting the money..." that's the way of the (fashion) world... the "maestros" seem to think they are on class above everyone else.

  2. It is sad that there is such a big inequality. However, I am sure that the workers in France are still a lot better off than those in China, India and other cheap labor countries. I wonder how much Chanel pays for its workers in China? Or should I say how much Chanel's Chinese supplier pays its workers, and does Chanel even care?

    Fashion is not the only industry where the inequality is apalling. I work in the financial industry, and the same thing happens there. A few folks make the exorbitant bonuses that make the headlines and raise eye brows. Most people, however, toil all their lives with average salary.