Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Oh, I am in such a tizzy state right now... I don't know what to do with myself!

The explanation: I went to the Wall Street Hermes store today, and they found a dark chocolate brown Evelyne III GM for me. The store had both sizes in stock in different colors, so I got to try them on, and decided that the GM (the largest size) is best for me. After all, I am a large girl, and can pull off a pretty large bag. Given how much stuff I need to tote around, the larger size might be more practical in the long run too. But! And there is always the but... Is it practical that the bag is open from the top? I plan on using it when running errands, traveling, going to places with my kids. Do things slip out? And somewhere I have heard that the strap has a tendency to slip as well. Does anyone have any experience with this bag? I have to go back to the store to finalize the order tomorrow because I had to run out today, being late for a meeting.
And on Monday I could pick up the bag. What to do, what to do, what to do?


  1. I have never had the bag but I know it and it is beautiful. It is a hard decision, especially because it is an expensive bag. Must be sure :-)

  2. Ei (valitettavasti!) kokemuksia, mutta todella kaunis laukku ja isompi kokoisena varmasti käytännöllinen! Hyviä päätöksiä...!

  3. I made my decision, and went back to the Hermes store today to finalize the purchase. The bag will be messengered over to my house tomorrow or Friday. I thought that might be better than to tote an Hermes bag back to the office.. It would attract waaay too much attention! Especially now that I have been moved to sit almost next door to our CEO...I feel like I am under a microscope! Back to the bag - I cannot WAIT to have it, try it for a day or so, and see whether it really is as practical in real life as I brainwashed myself to think...

  4. Congratulations!!! Probably a wise decision to get it sent to your house!

  5. Hyvä päätös!
    Itselläni on siis kokoa pienempi ja vaikka siinä ei ole säädettävä remmiä, käytän sitä kesällä yliolanlaukkuna.
    Kieltämättä kamat saattavat olla kasassa laukussa, mutta toisaalta en pidä oikeastaan yhtään irtotavaraa laukussa - lompakko, avainkotelo ehkä pieni, litteä pussukka jossa huulikiilto jne sekä litteä kännykkä - that's it.
    Olkaremmin liukuminen ei ole ollut ongelma.

    Onko väri Chocolat vai Café vai Havana? Hermèksen ruskeat sävyt ovat mun lemppareita, mulla on toinen laukku värissä Chocolat.

  6. Vari on Ebene. Todella tumma ruskea. Mielestani oikein kaunis!