Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yet another lesson learned...

And that is, if you snooze you lose..

I finally made it to CB2 today to pick up the rug I've been planning to use in the entrance, the super cool "Keep Calm and Carry On" rug. What a humongous disappointment to find out the rug has been discontinued, and there is none to be found in any CB2 location, anywhere, from Illinois to Florida (I know because my darling husband called each store to find out whether they would have had a random rug left - and the best advice he got was to try eBay, which also did not yield anything).

Not sure what to do with the entrance now. CB2 has a Hopscotch rug that I may consider as plan B. It would be fitting for a house full of girls. But I have not made up my mind about that yet.

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