Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Renovation Status & Lamp Trouble

The electricians came again yesterday, and did their magic - we now have working outlets in the kitchen, and the beautiful Samsung fridge is cold and good. I just love the look of the french doors and it is wonderful not having to bend down for the veggie box. And now we can get rid of our temporary white monster - it is going to be banished to the basement where it can serve as the back-up fridge.

The electricians are coming back today to hook up our double wall oven and the dish washer, yay. They are also finished with their work up in the attic running wires, putting up new boxes or circuits or whathever they needed to do, which means that we can finally really clean up the attic and use the space for storage purposes.

No word of the cooktop yet, though, I think I had mentioned that the Bosch Induction cooktop arrived with the ceramic top all smashed up, and we have been waiting for the replacement for a few weeks now... We have been eating a lot of take-out! Anyway, last weekend my husband bought a giant barbeque grill, the Weber S-670, which the company calls their "top-of-the-line grilling masterpiece" :-) And we already tested this masterpiece when we had our first BBQ on Sunday night, with first guests coming to check out our new place. There will be losts of firsts :-) I don't know about masterpiece, but the corn on the cob came out perfect, as did the hot dogs and chicken wings..

There was bad news last night too - and it was the gorgeous funnel pendant that was supposed to hang on top of the kitchen island. The electrician installed it but it did not work. The wire was live, the bulb was ok, but there was something wrong with the lamp itself.. I was so disappointed because it really looked amazing hanging there.. Not sure what to do now, try to get another one or just return this (and the one we did not even pick up from Greenwich yet) and look for another suitable pendant light. Well, the price was too good to be true anyway.

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