Thursday, August 12, 2010

Entrance Evolves + more renovation status

The plans for the entrance have totally changed along the way. I had planned to make it really glamorous and put in black marble tile for the floor, full wall of mirror, a sleek and slim black high gloss desk, with a black chandelier hanging above for added oomph but that plan has been totally scrapped (maybe in the next home when kids have all grown up..). The floor is now bamboo, same as elsewhere in the house, for a nice continuous flow from the entrance to living room, kitchen and corridor. The entrance area is still evolving, but we recently reserved the Linea dresser from Crate and Barrell as our entrance storage piece. The piece does not look too much like a dresser, and is a perfect fit for our entrance. I guess it is a very popular piece as the estimated delivery date is on 9/18! However, it's made of solid teak and will probably last forever. Now we have to figure out whether to do a mirror on top of it, or a piece of art..probably art, something colorful and modern. I am still planning to use the "Stay Calm and Carry On"  rug from CB2, to give a bit of humor and flair as you enter the house. We also need to find the right light fixture to tie it all together..

And, talking about light fixtures, we found yet another funnel pendant lamp for our kitchen, and I was finally able to arrange for a delivery from the Greenwich store, yay. I was not looking forward to a day trip to Greenwich in the middle of everything now, although it is a lovely place and holds a lot of memories for me..

We now have a working dishwasher, fridge and the chandelier hung in the dining room. All the electric outlets work and the central air conditioning ducts have been cleaned so that we can breathe clean air :-)

Here is a picture of the piece that will go to the entrance:

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