Saturday, April 14, 2012

West Village

Today's highlight: cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. Also passed by the new Karl boutique (Karl Lagerfeldt's new low end line), and had a laugh over the Karl dolls. There was nothing in the store that was very compelling, the style seemed very young and, unfortunately, cheap looking. Lower price point shouldn't translate to that... Apologies for pictures being all mixed up. Not sure how to order them correctly.
Love the window boxes on the West Village Town Houses
My little princesses posing in front of the Karl shop.
Aren't these hilarious? 


  1. One of my favorite places for cupcakes. Sometimes the line is too long, but still worth the wait.

  2. I know, the line is usually insane. We decided to stop by because for some reason there was hardly any line this time. We have an ongoing thing between Magnolia and Crumbs bakery cupcakes. I love Magnolia but my 9 year old loves the Crumbs because they stuff the cup too...

  3. Voi ei, nyt rupes ihan kauheesti tekee mieli just Magnolia Bakeryn cupcakeseja!