Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

To quote Mariah Carey's sugary christmas song: All I want for Christmas is You...and to add my own twist to it: All I want for Christmas is You without the cell phone on your ear!

There are of course many benefits of owning your own business, as my husband does, and working from home a lot of the time, but there are also some annoying side effects, such as the constant ring of the cell phone.. Most days it starts at 8 am and ends at around 9 pm. It always rings for sure when he's sitting down to eat dinner, having a conversation with me, helping kids with their baths, homework, etc.

So far I have been getting what I want for Christmas.. My husband's phone has been off the whole weekend and it has been great! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it'll stay off the next two weeks!

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