Sunday, July 8, 2012


The Finnish Love their ruisleipa (rye bread). But not just any rye, it has to be all rye, baked with a certain traditional finnish recipe.

It has been impossible to find it in NYC, and throughout the years, there has been many of suitcases filled with this earthy, healthy bread coming home from Finland. It has been lugged around the world, on trains, plains and automobiles...frozen in large quantities in freezers, and eaten sparingly and lovingly over weeks and months.

When the supply swindled dangerously low, we began asking if anyone knows anyone coming from Finland soon. And sometimes we found a "courier", like the time when a friend's mom came to NY to shop, and packed her empty suitcase full of the rye bread. So much of it in fact, that it didn't all fit in my freezer!

But all that is thankfully behind us because this delicious bread is now available in Whole Foods and the Union Square farmer's market. It's baked by a Finnish baker and tastes totally authentic. The bread has become a huge success and hopefully production will grow so that it will be even more widely available.

So when we go to Finland next week, there's no need to load up on ruisleipa on our way back...

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