Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart

This brave woman is going on real ROAD TRIP today! Me and the family are driving from New York to Orlando, FL (and back next week). My husband has done the drive several times helping various family members move down to Florida (and back), but I (nor the kids) have never done a car drive that long.. 1100 miles and 18 hours, according to Mapquest. 

Last summer we drove to Niagara Falls, 400 miles and 7 hours (again, according to Mapquest). That trip was so much fun we started planning this Orlando trip, but now that the time is here, I am scared! Yikes - what if it's too uncomfortable and what if we get annoyed of each other and fight the whole way?! Why did I agree to do this? It's too late to have a change of heart now. The kids are super excited about the road trip and going to Disney World.. the hubby just told me to let's make the best of it - so I guess he's a bit worried too...

Hopefully this trip will teach me and the family something new about ourselves,  strengthen our family bond and make some unforgettable memories.


  1. Ihanaa ja rentouttavaa matkaa:)!

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