Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Welcome Home Darling

Happiness is the homecoming of your loved one...especially when he comes home with souvenirs for everyone!

And after having been the single mother to three kids for a few days / nights - the happiness was quadrupled when daddy came home. My hat off to single mothers, it is not easy, no. way. not. ever.

But back to souvenirs. The kids got t-shirts and caps, but my souvenir was the best - a Tod's bag. A beautiful beige/brown color, classic Tod's styling and perfect work-horse size. This will be my new work bag favorite. Had to take it to work right away!


  1. Ihana klassinen kaunotar!
    Uusi banneri kuva on myös kerrassaan ihana ja pirteä.

  2. Thank you ladies! Oli tama vahan aitienpaiva- lahjakin, kuulemma. Meilla taitaa nyt olla jo tradition puolella laukku aitienpaivalahjana!