Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jet Lag

Usually people hate the jet lag, and I do too when I have to fly east, but coming home to the US from Finland I don't mind the jet lag at all. I actually quite enjoy it and try to make it last as long as possible. It's nice to gain the seven extra hours. You also fall into a perfect work day routine of early to bed, early to rise. So in the past couple of days I have been getting up at around 5 am, which leaves you plenty of time to brew coffee, chat with kids, take a stroll in the garden and watch the sprinklers' early morning shift, read the Wall Sreet Journal (more about that later) and get ready for work (and actually plan an outfit!). If only I would be able to keep this up forever! But knowing myself, one week is about as much as I can stretch it and then the siren call of my favorite shows (especially True Blood) waiting in the DVR, will have me watching TV after the kids have gone to bed, erasing the ability to wake up early... But I am enjoying this as long as it lasts!


  1. I feel the jet lag less when I come back to this side of the pond than when I am in Europe. When I lived in Kenya it took a while to get used to the time again every time I got back to Nairobi from a trip to the US or Bolivia.
    Have a lovely weekend! and thank you for your comment on my blog. The education issue in Bolivia is a real problem.

  2. I feel that with age, it gets harder and harder to recover from jet lag. Or maybe because of kids I just live such a predictable schedule that my body goes all haywire when that schedule is being violated...