Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Speak out or not?

I have been facing some trouble at work lately. I have an unhappy, very verbal and well connected client who is very negative and loves to complain. The problem is that this client's complaints are unfounded, sometimes totally untrue, and not based on real facts, and also not based on what my organization strategically is trying to achieve.

I have tried many ways to deal with the situation, but it's just getting worse. Initially I was very defensive and reactive, then I've been more attentive and pro-active, put in more hours, tried to do things differently, and even had a very direct conversation with this client, which helped for a very short while, but now we are back to square one. I feel like I am teetering on the edge of a blow out.

My boss and other clients have been dragged into the situation. My boss has sympathy for me, and sees the ridiculousness of this client's demands and complaints, but would rather not deal with this headache! My boss's boss, has reamed me out because of this situation - after all, it is my job to keep the clients happy.

I am at a total loss what to do next. I can't fight with my client, the fear being that if I speak out too much, I will get into trouble. But if I don't say anything, I will also get into trouble - and I cannot let this client spread false information around. How to balance the right amount of speaking out and still keep my job - that is what I have been pondering.

In this economy,  I would like to keep my job! And, it would feel so pointless to lose my job now, after all these years and struggling through babies and maternity leaves and balancing work and motherhood to be where I am today. So if all of a sudden I begin to post a lot on the best summer looks, swimsuits or yoga pants, I took the wrong decision and was fired.

To be continued...

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