Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life with a new Baby II

Busy Busy Busy!! That's what life with a new baby is like, especially when you already have two kids.. My husband is a real hands on dad, I have an au pair to help, and I still have no time for me.. I don't know how those moms do it who don't have that help! Maybe they have family around, which I don't. I have not been able to blog at all, partly because of the baby and partly because of a health condition that has been making my life a bit difficult. But there is a time for everything and right now it is the time of the baby, the family, and being 100% mom.


  1. Kiva kuulla, miten teillä menee. Ihan varmasti kiireistä:) Olen hoitanut omani aika lailla ilman apuja, ja kyllä se voi olla erittäin raskasta. Onko au pairinne Suomesta? Perheenne kielipolitiikka kiinnostaa! Toivottavasti saat itsesi kuntoon, tsemiä.

  2. Nauti perheesta ja toivottavasti paranet pian. Odottelemme paluutasi!